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Real Estate

The unique focus on industrial properties enables HQxpress the ability to provide equipped spaces across multiple industries.




Industry Meets Metaverse

HQxpress has limitless creative potential and international scalability. The project serves an obvious need in the current supply chain and real estate market. It is at the absolute forefront of innovation in a multi trillion dollar industry. And it leverages the liquidity and universality of the crypto and NFT markets.

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WHAT IS HQxpress

HQxpress is an Ethereum based defi project that blends real world property with metaverse powered AR, VR, and mixed reality. The company utilizes both fungible and non-fungible tokens to operate and optimize industrial and commercial flex space to achieve highest and best use. HQxpress is operated out of its 250,000 square foot prototype facility located at 317 East Penn Avenue in Robesonia, PA.

HQxpress Museum

Mad Hatter Society has secured an exclusive relationship with Art in Motion Fund (AIM) to roll out an NFT, Token and Metaverse launch for the AIM supercars and the build out of a super car museum. This project will be incorporated into the Velocity Auto Concierge token project.

Flex Model

Our model allows customers to use space only when needed, optimizing productivity and reducing unnecessary overhead costs. Space is available hourly, weekly, or monthly right on time for when it’s needed.

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Available Flex Space

About Us

Platform Provider

HQxpress is a platform provider like Uber, AirBNB or Amazon. Uber is the largest taxi company in the world but they do not own any taxis; AirBNB is the largest hotelier in the world although they do not own any hotels; and Amazon is the largest retailer in the world without owning any retail locations. This is the same as HQxpress. HQxpress provides the platform that connects owners of light industrial or commercial buildings with end users in real time.

The owners then list available cubic square feet on the HQxpress. This allows HQxpress to grow without the high acquisition and holding cost of real estate and without being encumbered by all the “red tape” involved in acquiring, maintaining or operating properties like these.

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“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Project Manager

Dora Bridges

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